ECO. modern essentials

ECO. is driven by an enthusiastic team who love being connected to their home turf - the golden East Coast Australian beaches, and are passionate about keeping them clean for everyone now, and into the future. Love of sun, surf and sand balanced with a desire for general wellbeing and balance sees us strive for excellence and effectiveness in our products, and we love using them, too! ECO. Modern essentials provides a vibrant, sensual and natural offering to address skincare concerns and day to day wellbeing. ECO. understand that our products become part of who you are - literally - and that you want to know you can trust you’re using a product on your face and body that is safe and “just works”. The development of the product range reinforces and supports an active, vibrant lifestyle that embraces natural and healthy living by engaging and heightening all the senses so they are primed for each new day. Pure essential oils combined with science-based innovation forge powerful solutions to improve face, body and spirit. Founded more than 20 years ago in Queensland, ECO. Modern essentials is the sister range to industry endorsed, natural salon skincare range NAT., also developed by the Natalie.Group. ECO. are proudly Australian, use natural ingredients, and are committed to delivering products of salon quality at an affordable price.