Dr. Maggie Luther

Dr. Maggie Luther is a Naturopathic Doctor and Transformational Health Coach helping women heal their symptoms naturally by getting to the root cause of why they experience the symptoms they do. http://yourwellnessexpert.com/ A believer in both science and nature, Dr. Maggie is fueled by evidence based natural medicine AND also trusts in the healing power of nature. "We are living, dynamic beings who each need an individualized approach to treatment." Dr. Maggie understands that healing is a journey. She helps her clients move from survive to thrive in their health and well-being. Passionate about food as medicine, Dr. Maggie wants each person to feel empowered and in control of their health. From learning how to grow your own food and medicine, to learning how to heal your symptoms naturally, Dr. Maggie is here to see your health soar so you can live an energized, stress-free life, free from disease! ✨