DR HOOK Starring Dennis Locorriere

Dennis Locorriere The Legendary Voice of Dr Hook. Sylvias Mother, A Little Bit More, If Not You, When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman, Sexy Eyes, Only 16, A Little Bit More. Things change. Trends in fashion, film and music are constantly moving to accommodate a new world. One thing that hasn't seemed to change in over forty years is the love people have for the music of DR HOOK. Personnel changes were bound to happen over time, but the music and spirit that audiences have come to expect whenever or wherever they see the words DR HOOK is still very much alive and well. I'm now touring with a group of sensational new musicians who know how important it is to sing and play this timeless music just the way people want to hear it. My desire is to bring those classic songs and wonderful sense memories flooding back to the forefront of the minds and music collections of people everywhere. The times may have changed but I'm proud to say that if you want DR HOOK, live in concert today you can get it once again. Right here! I hope to see you all down the road somewhere! DL Jan'16