Jessica Vera

Jessica was born a feminine-entrepreneur and is a survivor-leader with a PhD, who dedicates herself to guiding exceptionally driven women to find financial freedom, by amplifying their uniqueness, to create and live their dream life. This calling is predicated on her belief that each soul is uniquely designed to contribute to humanity, and that when one's potential is stifled, we collectively lose out on brilliance. Despite my many heartaches, losses and perceived fails in life, she founded and sold three million dollar generating corporations in her early 20's, and has continued her entrepreneurial career internationally over the last three decades. She often shares that she learned early on how to turn my setbacks into her greatest setups for success. Over the last few years, she has transitioned from a strictly traditional brick and mortar business model, to one that integrates the power of the digital marketing, and the opportunities it creates for us all. Her mission is to guide 1,000 exceptionally driven women by, "I take your dream and together we turn it into a real sustainable business." Her personal legacy goal is to create until the day she leaves this earth, with meaning and value for others, by ceasing every moment with a grateful heart for the opportunity. Through her nonprofit Elite Foundation she fulfills another of her passions, 'to educate and empower the vulnerable to evolve into servant-leaders, to find their voice." Lockshields and join us at