Don Tolman International

I’m 'Cowboy' Don Tolman - Leading the Self Care Revolution. For decades I've been referred to in the international media as "The Wholefood Medicine Man" and "The Indiana Jones of Wholefood Medicine" because of my relentless mission to share with people, the wisdom of our ancestors about plant wholefoods and the principles of health for living a disease-free life. How can a dude with a cowboy hat and two toned moustache, not dressed in a white suit be leading a health revolution? I'm known as the enemy in the camp of the health care industry and yet ironically, I'm invited to speak at medical symposiums all round the world to share my insights about where health really comes from. For over 40 years of being in the public arena and involved with doctors, medical groups, scientific researchers and in working with literally thousands of people who have been failed by the “health care” industry, I’ve come to realise that about 98% of what that industry does is actually doing more harm than good. The truth is that modern day “health care” is really “sick care”. It’s sadly become about profiteering from the perpetuation of sickness and disease through false diagnostics, unnecessary treatments, drugs and surgeries - and huge corporate interests and agendas are driving that entire business globally. Now don’t get me wrong. I am thankful for how far modern medicine has come in being able to assist people in dealing with crises and trauma situations immediately following accidents. But beyond that, the more you investigate “health care”, the more you begin to see it’s pitfalls and how it’s failing today’s society. That's why I'm all about bringing back the wisdom of long lived cultures who were disease-free. I'm all about "Self Care". Self Care is the simple understanding of the power and intelligence of the human body to energise, restore and heal itself by embracing principles of life and health. Mother nature contains everything we need in the form of wholefoods, sunlight, water and the surrounding environment to ensure our health and wellbeing. Despite the propaganda and mass-marketing campaigns that dominate the airwaves to the contrary - primarily funded by the pharmaceutical industry - humans do not need miracle supplements, over-the-counter drugs and expensive, invasive procedures to support their health. In my opinion, it's one of the greatest lies that has ever been perpetrated upon the masses. The Self Care revolution is finally here and I'm so thrilled that I’ve lived long enough to finally see take hold. Millions of people all around the world have already woken up to the fact that the answer to their own health and longevity lies with Self Care – NOT handing themselves over to the "health care" establishment. You owe it to yourself to learn and embrace these principles. What got me going in all of this? As an 8 year old boy, I’d heard a story that set my heart and mind racing. The story was about an ancient sacred meal called “Pulse”. That little story eventually sent me on a 17 year quest as a young adult into 33 different countries in search of that meal. Pulse was one thing, but it was the information I found in search of it that truly changed my life. During my quest, I was granted special dispensation to meet the curators of certain museums, I experienced life amongst many different indigenous cultures and I was able to review ancient collections that were under ‘lock and key’. Above all, what I discovered was the most priceless, observational wisdom from our ancestors about nature and it’s relationship to the human body and about health. I carried this knowledge with me and it’s what set me off on a mission for the rest of my life to share it publicly with anybody who was prepared to listen. My message is simple and yet it’s the simplicity that causes many to ignore it when their health is in the balance. I’ve discovered that even when the answer is so obvious, most prefer to put their trust in expensive, complex solutions. The “health care” industry thrives on complex solutions and on generating fear amongst the masses. All of this serves to fuel the ongoing mystery of disease, which in turn continues to ensure that hapless consumers continue to pump billions of dollars each year into their coffers. When it comes to taking care of your health, my hope is that you’ll simply seek the truth before just blindly handing yourself over to a credentialed expert. It is my wish that you’ll then choose a path that seems logical, reasonable and right for YOU. For over 25 years now I have travelled the globe as a public speaker sharing my message of Self-Care to both live seminar audiences and via international media. In the USA I have been a return guest on the Donahue Show, Entertainment Tonight and ABC Talk Radio and in Australia I have featured on Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Today Tonight and countless talk-back radio shows. Despite my contradicting view of today's "health care", my discoveries in the field of whole food nutrition have ironically given me the opportunity to speak at some of the world's leading ‘health’ and technology organisations such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Health Research Academy at Cornell University in New York City and the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. On several separate occasions in my life, I have completed extended fasts on both water and juices to experience for myself the ancient protocol for healing, restoration and extending life that was practiced by long-lived cultures of the past.