Luxxe Beauty

Luxxe products are high-quality and multi-awarded health, beauty and wellness products. Nowadays, we cannot deny the fact that we are not living a healthy life. Most of us are stressed in school, work, business, personal life, etc. Most people also do not have a healthy lifestyle. We love staying up late at night, drinking alcoholic beverages, eating fatty foods, etc. Moreover, pollution is also very rampant. These are the reasons why we choose to focus on three things: HEALTH, BEAUTY AND WELLNESS. Who doesn't want a good look and a healthy life? LUXXE PRODUCTS (CAPSULES): 1. LUXXE WHITE (ENHANCED GLUTATHIONE) 2. LUXXE SLIM (PURE L-CARNITINE AND GREEN TEA EXTRACT) 3. LUXXE PROTECT (GRAPESEED EXTRACT) 4. LUXXE RENEW (8-BERRY EXTRACT) 5. POWER UP (SODIUM ASCORBATE) BEAUTY SOAPS (with glutathione, kojic acid and vitamins) 1. WHITENING BAR 2. PAPAYA BAR 3. OATMEAL EXFOLIANT BAR FOR INQUIRIES, TEXT MISS JAMIE AT 09152353484. NOTE: All Luxxe Products are FDA and Halal approved!