Delta Life Fitness- South Jacksonville

Our Mission: To change women’s lives through dedication and motivation so that they may achieve their goals and live happier lives. Our Philosophy: At Delta Life Fitness, our coaches, nutrition adviser and staff have created an entire program that focuses on women and each of their individual and specific needs. We understand that every woman is different, has different needs, are at different fitness levels and need different levels of support. We know that a weight loss program is not “COOKIE CUTTER”. Our philosophy is each woman is unique and as such their fitness needs are unique. At Delta Life Fitness we will ensure that each woman’s individual fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals are set by their personal coach and then met through our program. We will never lump women into a one-fits-all fitness program where you are not seen or challenged. We will always strive to be the best possible fitness program for our members. We will help them achieve any weight loss goal while challenging them both physically and mentally.