Decor Steals

A word from Yasmin: I built Decor Steals with a mission to offer my customers the absolute best prices on the best farmhouse vintage items I could find. Our prices are real deals. No gimmicks. No fake sales. We cut profits down to the bottom dollar to ensure savings are translated from us to you with a minimal markup. I pride myself on how well Decor Steals has been able to maintain authentic low prices that impress our customers ever time. I've fine tuned the process of sourcing unique pieces from artists, farmers (yes! many items are REAL farmhouse items!), and wholesalers alike. Our process is incredibly labor-intensive, but it's a labor of love. I love farmhouse decor and I love my customers even more. Our customers are our friends, and we treat them as such. We care for each customer well beyond their order number. We've made it our mission to ensure we go above and beyond for each customer, and hopefully impress them a bit with our outstanding service. It's truly an honor to be able to contribute to the loving process of making your house a home. ~Yasmin ---------- <3