Dead Sea Moringa

DEAD SEA MORINGA is naturally cultivated in the mineral-rich soil of the Dead Sea region, producing many unique, enriched properties when compared to any other Moringa product available. It is especially known for its high levels of vitamin E and calcium. Native to the Himalayan Mountains, the Moringa plant (Moringa Oleifera) has been traditionally used for thousands of years to treat various diseases, including internal and external infections, and as a highly potent nutritional supplement. The uniqueness of the plant resides in the combination of its various components, which together, provide Moringa its unusually high nutritional and medicinal qualities. Moringa is naturally rich in protein and calcium, as well as many various vitamins, minerals and amino acids. A good source of simple leafy-green vegetable protein, Moringa offers those allergic to, or avoiding soy products, an alternate vegetable protein that is easily assimilated within the body.