Dayton Children's Hospital

This Facebook site is monitored daily by the Dayton Children's marketing communications team for inappropriate content and inappropriate friends/followers. Friends/followers may be blocked at any time by Dayton Children’s if deemed appropriate. We encourage our fans to engage with us on our Facebook page. We love hearing stories about your experience at Dayton Children's and we love sharing stories! Please know that all photos and stories posted on this Facebook page are done so with written consent by the child's legal guardian. At Dayton Children’s, we encourage good manners with our patients and expect the same from our fans on our Facebook page. Disagreements and expressed concerns are fine, but we expect mutual respect! Profanity, abusive language, derogatory remarks, or discussions of legal matters with Dayton Children's are off limits and will be removed from our page. Also, posts that are off-topic, solicitations, HR matters, or posts promoting a commercial product will be quickly taken off of our page. Please note this policy also applies to all of our other social media presences (our every kid counts blog, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.). The goal of our Facebook page as well as our other social media sites is to provide you with information and share the Dayton Children’s story. You should not substitute anything we share as professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please seek the advice of your child’s primary care physician with any medical questions you might have. We reserve the right to make adjustments to this policy as needed, but hopefully we won’t need to! Our primary mission is to provide quality health care for children from infancy through adolescence. We strive to be a health care resource for all children of our region regardless of their socioeconomic status. Through our compassionate team of pediatricians, pediatric specialists and clinical staff, we offer comprehensive care in an emotionally supportive setting.