David Stephen Patterson

I am an internationally recognized headhunter, who has been sought after by Fortune 500 clients from all over the globe to identify and recruit top talent. In my career, I've billed several million dollars in fees, and have trained recruiters who have billed even more. But my path to success hasn’t been smooth. Far from it… It took me two businesses, both a business and personal bankruptcy (while simultaneously going through a divorce!), and years of blood, sweat, and yes even some tears, to come up with a winning formula that transformed me from just another recruiter with a pipe dream to the billing phenomenon I am today. It is because of all the hard work I have put in, and the years lost, that it has become my mission (actually, my passion) to elevate the recruiting industry by creating 7-Figure Headhunter, my bulletproof method to take my fellow recruiters’ careers from just average to the next level, becoming high 6 figure and even 7 figure earners and even more importantly, inspiring them to break the chains of corporate America and start living the lives they are only now dreaming of. Do you want to eliminate cold-calling (and the constant rejection that comes with it)? Do you want to learn how to overcome objections before your prospect voices them, tap into the hidden candidate market no other recruiter can get into, and close more deals, all without being pushy or sleazy? Do you want the disposable income and free time to start living the lifestyle you deserve? Then click the link below to get "Crush 2017!", my 7-point cheatsheet for headhunters. It shows you the 7 biggest mistakes you're probably making right now, and what you can do to fix them, so you can turn 2017 into the year you finally crush it! http://davidstephenpatterson.com/crush2017