Crowd Clean World

Crowd Clean World makes environmental social change happen. The One campaign focuses on changing one habit and one plastic item that we can easily do without. The Crucify the Cup campaign aims to eradicate single use coffee cups through behaviour change - first on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, and onwards. --------- Background to CCW: During the last decade, I've travelled over thirty countries and covered tens of thousands of kilometres over land and water. Amongst many things there is one issue that is too prevalent, repetitive and impossible to ignore; that the world is dirty and full of litter and needs to be cleaned up. I have seen Peruvian roads flanked by hectares of rubbish, Cuban pigs chewing on plastic bags, Vietnamese rivers clogged with floating plastic waste, Californian streets peppered with fast food packaging, Jamaican white sand beaches with knives and broken bottles, Fijian coral reefs trapping debris and Swedish and Australian cities funnelling cigarette butts into storm water systems. Our planet is beautiful. Many of us love natural surroundings, and nature is what sustains human life; we know our natural environment is paramount to human health, wellbeing and future prosperity. We love swimming at unpolluted beaches, bushwalking clean trails, diving healthy coral reefs and camping in well-preserved grounds. We all want to live in a clean world. Much of the world is educated on the importance of taking care of our natural environment, and much is not. I often see people littering, but more often I see people neglecting to pick up existing litter. Many of these people are educated and want to live in a clean world, but may still litter and walk past rubbish. The uneducated litters; the educated litters less but rarely picks up; the future educated litters never and picks up often. So how do we change our behaviour to become the future educated? With an idea. Crowd Clean World is an idea that the world can work together to initially clean the world, and then maintain its cleanliness in the future. Cleaning the world is a massive job. But the concept of crowdsourcing changes that. We have over 7 billion people in our world. When a lot of people do a little each, a big job is done in little time and with little personal effort. My partner Kim and I have incorporated cleaning up litter into my everyday life. We spend five minutes a week cleaning litter from a public place of wherever we are in the world. We do this cleaning while doing other things like walking somewhere, waiting for public transport, walking along the beach or snorkelling. It’s hardly an inconvenience and litter is never hard to find. We are all busy people and our time is precious. Crowd Clean World allows us to do a little bit of cleaning without costing us time, because we can multitask while picking up litter. When one million people incorporate five minutes cleaning per week into their everyday lives, one million small clean-ups are completed worldwide without anyone having to sacrifice time solely for cleaning. It sounds easy, and it is; don’t feel self-conscious, just do it. Believe me, it’s a very satisfying fifteen minutes and people will be curious and ask you what you’re doing; and thus the idea spreads. We live in an age of communication, so we can spread the idea to our friends and families, and we can reach a global audience in a short amount of time. Take responsibility for public cleanliness of wherever you are. As picking up the odd piece of litter becomes part our everyday lives, others will notice and start doing it too. The effect will snowball, reach a tipping point and the behaviour will become the normal and will be encouraged to continue through social proof. The awareness of litter through cleaning will follow on to a reduction in littering in the first place. It’s an awesome future to look forward to when it’s common practice for yourself and others to take responsibility for public cleanliness. No one has to worry about the whole world; it’s too big a job for one person. Be conscious of litter and pick it up whenever you can. Tell your friends and spread the word. Look after your local area and the world will follow.