CrossFit BNI

CrossFit BNI stands for Beyond Normal Intensity. That being said, we integrate high-intensity, functional movements combined with weight lifting, cardio, and gymnastics to form hour long workouts that are certain to get you unparalleled results. CrossFit BNI is taught in a communal setting so everyone can benefit from the motivation of others around you. Each class begins with warm ups and instructional periods to ensure that each member is fully comfortable with every movement that will be performed for the day. With the guidance of the coaches and the other members in class, CrossFit BNI will bring out your inner athlete. New to CrossFit? No problem, take our 3 day On Ramp program. During the On Ramp program, you will learn and get comfortable with the basic movements that will be required of you once you join the classes. Our On Ramp Program costs $75 and runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 am and 7 pm and is taught by a CrossFit Level 1 instructor. The classes will each last about an hour. In order to get you fully prepared, please attend all 3 classes. Once the On Ramp Program has been successfully finished, you will be able to join our normal CrossFit classes. Begin your CrossFit journey at CrossFit BNI and join our community of like-minded individuals who are committed to bringing out the inner athlete in everyone.