CrossFit Alexandria

You've come to the right place if you're looking to get fit for a lifetime. You're going to be surprised at how fast you begin to look, feel and perform your best. We're a gym (in CrossFit lingo, we call it a "box") that meets you at your current fitness level. Whether you're new to fitness or you've been training for years, we'll set you up to achieve results you didn't think were possible. Our proven method of exercise and nutrition will ensure those results last a lifetime. You'll find our gym to be filled with people that are friendly and encouraging. Every time you walk in the gym, you'll have a coach showing you exactly what to do. You'll train with a small group of other people which provides motivation and an element of accountability. Our community of members are great at supporting and motivating each other -- especially new people. If you're willing to train an hour a day, at least 3 days a week (come more if you'd like!) and generally follow the nutritional guidelines we teach, you're going to see amazing results. Lose fat, gain lean muscle, improve endurance, increase strength and become more flexible. But, it's the results you'll see in every other aspect of your life that will keep you motivated and engaged to keep training every week. More energy, confidence and motivation are things you can expect when you start training at CrossFit Alexandria.