Copy Hackers

I’m Joanna Wiebe, the co-creator of Copy Hackers (along with Mr. Lance Jones). You’ve come to the right place if you’re a startup founder, a micropreneur, a marketer or a copywriter. We’ll help you boost conversions using just your words. But unlike other copywriting resource megacenters (sure, let’s call ourselves that), we’re not here to show you how to use big red type and yellow highlighting to emphasize a bunch of spammy, scammy messages. We’re not gonna teach you how to write copy you hope no one attributes to you – even if it does help move units. We’re not in direct response. We’re the purveyors and originators of conversion copywriting, or copywriting designed to move people to action. We’re here to teach you how to write copy you’ll be proud of because 1) it reflects your brand and vision, and 2) it moves units. (Or gets sign ups. Or whatever conversion looks like for you.) Scuzzy direct-response practices do work, sure. But you’re not in business or marketing to cash in and haul ass out, right? If you are, you won’t like us. If you’re in this to build something incredible that you’ll be proud of – the kind of business you know you’ve got in you – then read on. We’re going to help you find your voice, find your message, write what your prospects wanna here and get you well past any fear you may have of the Blank White Page. We’ve done it for over 30,000 startups already, and we’re just getting started.