Companion Pet Rescue & Transport of W. Tn., Inc.

We are not a shelter, but a network of foster homes in CT and TN. We do have an Adoption Center in Southbury CT where you can meet more than 20 pups available for adoption each week - to do so, you must fill out our application at because it is by appointment only. Companion Pet Rescue's name was chosen very deliberately -- we focus our efforts on friendly, social, loving companion pets. We simply are not equipped to regularly rescue "special needs/aggressive" dogs, as our foster homes in CT and TN almost all have children and other pets. The benefit of course, is that when the pup is adopted we have a great feel for his or her personality and that pup has been well-socialized. If you are interested in adopting, please go to our website,, and look over our complete list of dogs and fill out an application - someone will get back with you as soon as possible. Almost all of our dogs start out in TN but we have many in CT foster homes and can happily arrange a meet and greet for you once your application has been approved. However, if the puppy you are interested in has many applications that are great, we do give priority to the applicant who is able to pick up directly from transport in order to reserve those foster homes for the adult dogs and the puppies who have not gotten as much interest and must be met to be appreciated. This allows us to save as many dogs as possible and we appreciate your understanding that saving dogs is our goal!!! This FB page is NOT intended for intake, generalized messages about dogs all over the country in peril, volunteer transporting, etc...for intakes please email -- we get MANY requests daily, so please provide as much information on the situation and pictures if possible to expedite the assistance. We are a small group but we work very hard to help as many as we can. This page is a fan page where we and our rescue dogs' adopters celebrate the good in rescue - it is a "feel good" page because there is a lot to be thankful and happy for - each life saved is precious and we love to share that joy! There is a lot of negative in rescue and a lot of "urgent/deathrow/emergency" stuff out there -- while we help everywhere we can, we do NOT let the bad stuff be posted here because there should be, and is, a lot to smile about in rescue --- our adopters should all feel great that they adopted and saved a life!!!! :)