Colton Lindsay

Build your confidence in real estate sales and online business at Colton Lindsay - Internationally recognized Real Estate Sales Trainer, Passive Income Creator, and Inner Game Master. Go to and make shit happen! Create your own passive income through property and / or online marketing. • We educate our clients on how to create highly profitable Real Estate deals, we work with Buyer’s and Seller’s to maximize profits. • Real Estate Sales Coaching and Training – Helping Agents get rich through real estate sales • Creating passive and residual income through real estate Colton Lindsay leads one of Utah’s Tops Real Estate Sales Team having helped nearly 1,000 buyer’s and seller’s through the home buying and selling process. The WGR Sales team averages selling homes in under 28 days for an average of 99% of asking price. Lindsay built the foundation of his real estate sales business from proven techniques he learned his coach and mentor Bob Loeffler, Founder of Fearless Agent – Real Estate Coaching and Training. Lindsay now promotes and trains with Fearless Agent, creating massive value for real estate agents across the entire planet to build their skills and inner confidence. Over the last decade Colton has become financially free through real estate and online marketing. He shares with thousands of people across the globe exactly how he became financially free by the age of 32.