Color Me Quick

Adult coloring is on the rise in mainstream and while it may seem like the latest craze, it has actually been a source of both communication, artistic expression and calming activity for many years. Thousands of years ago, drawing and coloring was a means of communication. For many of us, it refers us to a childhood pastime, and the hours spent coloring indoors while the rain kept us from going outside. But in the 21st century, it’s being redefined as an artistic activity being utilized, not only as a way to relieve stress, but also aid in brain development in the growing geriatric population, as well as allowing adults to reconnect with the artistic child inside of them. Come join us in reigniting your childhood passion for artistic creation and expression! Broaden your mind, boost your creativity, improve your brain function as we lead you on a journey into the amazing world of adult coloring. Learn about the latest adult coloring books, adult coloring book artists, adult coloring groups and adult coloring news.