Oscar International College (College of Film Studies)

Oscar International College aims at creating quality film makers. Established in 2061, it is the only college in South Asia that provides a bachelor’s degree in film making and is affiliated to the Tribhuvan University of Nepal. The 3 years of BFS ( Bachelor’s in film studies) programme is designed to broaden the intellectual horizon of the students. This course exposes you to a wide range of films which will help you develop skills of observation, critical analysis and personal reflection. Practical and student-oriented, film studies not only attempts to improve your technical skills but strives to inculcate the aesthetics of film art. Through a strategically designed course of study, we provide knowledge on Literature, Sociology, Psychology and various other streams of social sciences besides film making which enhances the understanding and enjoyment of film as a major art form. In addition to the regular classes, we have frequent guest lectures by successful artists as well as professionals from national as well as the international arena. We develop foundation, we create the interest, we make you understand the artistic vision of film making in three years of time with full practical and theoretical classes which in the future will help you become professional and quality film makers.