Climbing Vines Café & Play- East

Our 2,500 square-foot space features a clean, exciting play area for children aged seven-and-under, complete with a sectioned-off, safe area for our littlest guests! We also welcome your older children, free of charge, and adults are always free. We would love to be your whole family's destination for fun and smiles. Meet for play-dates, schedule a party, or attend our classes! The goal of Climbing Vines Café & Play is to become a hub for local families to come together and connect. Our intimate space makes it a breeze to mind your children while still relaxing and enjoying some of our delicious drink specialties. PLEASE NOTE: WE REQUIRE SOCKS FOR ALL GUESTS ENTERING THE PLAY AREA. Also note: We occasionally close at 2:30 pm if there is no one currently playing. Call before your visit if you're not sure!