Educational Toys - Great Gift Idea for Babies to Teens! What is an Educational Toy? Where do I get them? How do they help my child’s learning? Are they any fun? Are they a good gift? Aren’t they really expensive? Let’s start by saying Educational toys engage your child. They feed a hungry brain. The impact of educational gifts lasts a lifetime. These gifts give them a head start in reading, maths and science, and develop a love of learning. A great educational gift can even trigger what will be a child's life-long passion. But where to start? There are many different types of educational toys. Wooden, Magnetic, Science, Art & Craft. Toys to improve Gross Motor Development, Fine Motor Development, Spatial Awareness, Early Maths & Literacy. But for us it’s all about the Wooden Toys. Besides being a thoughtful, beautiful gift, we passionately believe wooden toys are a timeless investment in the future of your child. We also believe it’s our duty to encourage parents & carers to buy ‘eco-friendly’ toys, to ensure our children’s futures. Buying environmentally friendly toys can benefit your child's health and development, and teach them about sustainability in a totally different way. But did we mention they were also fun? Sneak a peek at any child engaged…enthralled. Watch that 'lightbulb' moment when they 'get' something they have been working on. See the delight, the pride the satisfaction, the smile. CleverStuff grew from a strong desire to provide parents with better opportunities for their children. As parents, we knew we were tired of plastic toys breaking the day after we received them, and the endless replacing of batteries. We suspected others were tired too. We were also determined to provide good quality Educational Toys in a price bracket Aussie families could afford, and make enough information available to make an informed decision. But back to the act of giving a gift - there is no greater gift than giving something that gives back. Giving an Educational toy, game, science gift or puzzle is giving them a gift that will mean something to their future. And we reckon that's really Clever. For very clever, totally addictive Educational toys (that every child will love) check out our catalogue or browse the categories on this website.