Clement Truck Driving Academy, LLC

The Class A CDL School Missouri Loves. Clement Truck Driving Academy is one of the nicest CDL schools in America focused on quality instruction for each individual student. Mr. Doyle Clement, owner and President of Clement Truck Driving Academy, LLC has worked successfully in the transportation industry for two decades. In 1996, Mr. Clement began his career with Missouri Department of Transportation, MODOT, and during his tenure has assisted 149 MODOT employees in obtaining their Class A Commercial Driver’s License, with a one hundred per cent success rate. In 2013, he began his LLC, Clement CDL, expanding his efforts to help others seeking professional driving opportunities. Doyle’s love of teaching and commitment to the transportation industry led him to addressing the need for qualified drivers on a broader basis. He established Clement Truck Driving Academy, LLC to specifically focus on developing highly skilled, safety oriented and fuel efficient drivers to enter the industry.