Carson James

My name is Carson James Rhodenizer, and horses are my life. When I started riding professionally at the age of 15, I became addicted immediately. The Vaquero arts mastered by people like Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt is what I have based my entire philosophy upon because I feel that this is about as "traditional" as anyone can get. Plus, I haven't found any better way to truly become "one" with a horse and know what he is going to do before he even thinks it. I lived on a cattle ranch in Billings, Montana for most of my childhood. Both of my parents were employed by the ranch and spent sun up from sun down on a horse. After I was born, my dad continued on horseback every day and my mom stayed with us (my brother and me) in the house that the ranch supplied us with. I've worked at many different ranching outfits. A few that I can think of off the top of my head are Roaring Springs In Frenchglen, Oregon, Diamond A in Seligman, AZ, Triple J (Jay Holmes) in Sarasota, Florida and a lot more. The knowledge from people like Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt and the experience from working at a wide variety of ranching outfits, gave me the skill and confidence I needed to branch out on my own. Skip forward a decade or so and I'm living in Live Oak, Florida fulfilling my passion. Every day I'm either hosting or guest starring at a clinic, training someone's horse for them, providing online training so that everyone can further their education on the Vaquero arts, or working with my own personal horses.