Caroline Snowling Psychic Medium

About me: I was around 7 years old when I first had my experience with the spiritual world my grandfather passed away on a summer evening on 1993 my grandfathers face appeared in front of me I didn’t quite understand what was happening he appeared in all white with clouds around him and spoke to me openly this was my first experience with spirit from that moment something opened inside me it was like a door was opened to another world and I found it fascinating! My friends became spirit and that was the start of my spiritual awakening throughout the years I would predict so many things for other people it was like watching a movie in your mind and everything playing out in front of you I would be in shock with my predictions. I would have spirit communicating with me all the time especially in my bedroom many of nights they would sit at the end of my bed and talk to me spirit stayed with me for a few years until my mid teen years when I started to shut them out because I feared other people’s opinions of me in case they thought I was odd or weird. I still didn’t quite understand the ‘gift’ and I would shut it out I carried on my life for many of years not working with my spiritually gifts I always felt such a void in life & myself like something or someone was missing I wasn’t complete. It took me until I was mid 20’s to understand that other people’s opinions and judgements didn’t matter I was ready to receive spirit & to help & guide others so Caroline Snowling Psychic Medium was born and the freedom was liberating. Moving forward to 2020 I have ascended and grown beyond my own dreams I get to work daily supporting and guiding people that need help in all areas of life my dream of having my own spiritual website is also coming true with our brand new website launching in June! I have provided readings for 1000’s of people & celebrities confidential is extremely important for me so each client receives the Anonymity that you deserve. I have held my own show and appeared on Sky TV using my psychic abilities my client base is International. My whole life is around my spiritually this is full time for me and I love every minute! I also specialise in guided meditation, mindfulness & cognitive behaviour coach, Life coach, spiritual mentor with a proud passing grade of a distinction.