Eric Carlson

Hey There! Thank you for checking out my FanPage! Now, what can I tell you about myself? I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years now doing work as a personal trainer, teach group fitness classes for Equinox, appeared in numerous fitness magazines around the world. I was also fortunate enough to be a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and have appeared as the trainer on a TV show from the producers of the Biggest Loser that was titled Student Body . We worked with overweight teens to help them turn their life around. During those same years I was conducting empowerment workshops for corporate employees that included fire-walking, glass walking, board breaking, arrow breaking and more! All to inspire employees to break through their limitations! So awesome! I guess you can say I have always enjoyed helping others to be their greatest! I receive GREAT joy in watching someone achieve something they previously thought was impossible! I feel so blessed to be in a position to help others live their Another Way of Life… whatever that is to you. Please check out my blog! I post all kinds of cool stuff that is fun and inspiring! Exciting images, videos and updates from the many exciting adventures to come! I wish you the Best Life You Can Live. Pura Vida eric carlson stay inspired!