Captured In Art

We as humans seek meaning and significance through our own journeys of transformation and transcendence. We know that life is made of billions of ordinary moments, but there's a special kind of moment that once it happens everything changes within us. These are the moments and experiences that transport us. That shift us from who we are to who we will become. We identify and use these extraordinary moments in our lives as symbols that give us reasons for being who we are. One of the biological advantages of having consciousness is that it allows us to understand this and to use art as a method of bottling the ephemeral into immortality. Captured In Art was born to somehow capture ephemerality, to immortalize the extraordinary moments that matter the most and share them with anyone who believes what we believe. Our goal is that our art will inspire you. We want you to experience what it felt (or how it might have felt) like being there and seeing that. We want you to reconnect with your extraordinary moment. To help you encounter yourself and nakedly stare at your own neurosis. Best, Captured In Art Team