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Canada Car Loans - Any make, any model, anywhere in Canada! Car loan: a loan to purchase an automobile. (Cars, trucks, minivans, & suvs) Our fan-page is a comfortable place to connect and learn about all things related to automobile financing. If you are looking for info about vehicle financing, we want to hear from you. Our Vision: To organize all automotive data and make it accessible. Provide best in class sales and marketing platforms through strategic partnerships, strong financial management and a unique ability to pair innovation with automotive industry needs. Our mission: Uphold the highest ethical relationship between automotive dealerships and consumers through clarity, regulation and service excellence. Who Qualifies? If you meet the following basic criteria, you qualify to get approved for automobile financing with Canada Car Loans® ✓You must have a full time employment. ✓Minimum income of $1600 per month. ✓Not for private party purchase, motor homes or motorcycles. What's included? And why choose Canada Car Loans®? -100% free online pre approval service -BBB A rating/ accreditation -Financing service for ALL makes & models -Programs for good, bad & no credit -Interest rates starting as low as 0% O.A.C *on new vehicles where manufacturers incentive applicable -Interest rates starting as low as 3.49% on pre-owned -Guaranteed approvals for bad credit -Debt settlement & cash back options -Professional credit analysis -Credit score optimization™ -Credit score boosting™ 24-7 toll free customer support 1 (800) 378-9946 Canada Car Loans® 24-7 approvals. How to get started? Visit our official website @ Toll Free 1 (800) 378-9946 Questions? Dealership Services Find out how our dealership services can offer you F&I solutions to grow your business via best-in-class sales & marketing platforms, specializing in web vehicle advertising & auto digital marketing. Affiliate Programs Find out more about our top paying affiliate packages today. Contact us and learn about our types of affiliate programs, linking methods, and how our affiliate programs may work for you. Canada Car Loans has helped thousands of Canadians purchase the car, truck, suv or minivan they need. Whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit, we have vehicle financing solutions for you. Complete our secure one-page application to get pre-qualified for an auto loan today. What are people saying about Canada Car Loans? "Awesome service, great interest rate. I got my truck last Friday. Thanks again" Mark R, Alberta "They were great they paid out my previous car loan at 8100.00, so far the best company and I have gone from ontario, manitoba and here Aboo L, Red Deer, Alberta 'Thank you for my new car Canada Car Loans I have been telling everybody about u" J.L, Alberta "Awesome I was approved and getting a Dodge Ram 4x4 with 17000 kms, blue, thank you" Bernard H, Saskatchewan "Well, needless to say, I didn't have to trade in my Ford escape and I got a better deal with Canada Car Loans then I did with the Ford dealership in Drayton lower payments bigger engine, And only 1% higher than Fords interest rate" Dan V, Alberta "I just got approved about a week ago and will be picking up my brand new 2013 GMC SIERRA this friday yay super excited" Brandi S, Alberta "Thank you Canada Car Loans!!! Being a single mom of 5 with not the best credit & a lower income I never thought I would ever b able to buy a new vehicle. The kids & I LOVE our 2011 Dodge Journey!!!" 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