Camilla Ulysses Global Business Leader

My name is Camilla Ulysses and my background is Hairdressing which I loved, and I have been with Forever for 3years. When I first looked at this business I thought it was too good to be true, but now its my life that seems too good to be true. I have been able to clear my overdraft, pay off my debts, take my mum away on a 5* holiday, I have become totally financially Independant, and I have just brought my family dream home, and i now drive my dream car, and i earn a 6 figure income which coming from a hairdressing background is absolutely incredible. Forever has allowed me to travel the world with my family and create the most amazing memories through experiences that have been priceless, which has been paid for by the company. But most of all it has given me time with my children I am a stay at home mummy and always there for my children, pick up and drop off at the school, attend all the sports days and assembly's, I am able to work very flexibly around my family, with an income I could of only of dreamt of! This business can work for anyone and everyone.. with the support, the award winning training and the hand held structure that I now offer as a mentor and coach you really can achieve your dreams... So what is needed..... * Believe that Forever will give you everything as long as your willing to work for it * Believe it and go achieve it * Believe In Yourself It's not easy, you have to work hard be willing to learn new skills, but it is possible.. You have to believe in the business, the products but most importantly yourself.. Is it worth it?? Hell yes!! Thank you for your time, Get in touch for more info, what have you got to lose!!! Camilla Ulysses 07786833610