California International College

California International College is a co-ordinating body the task of the transfer of the finest achievements and methods of higher education in America to the people of the Arab world in the elite group of academic disciplines high in cooperation with selected universities in America and colleges in America and the study of belonging and institutes of vocational education in America, Scotland and Wales such as: University of America, University of Cambridge, Cardiff University, York University, University of Manchester, Oxford University, and a number of specialized academic institutions in the fields of education specialist and graduate studies in the United States such as the British Board for Professionals and the International Virtual University in the US Altdho Association of Colleges and Schools in the UK. In addition to the elite of English language schools and institutes to study English in America. And it has been the College of California International during the past ten years of her prized in spatial gap that formed generally large group of Arabs hindrance of campaign average university diploma or bachelor's or master's or doctoral aspiring to win a chance external scholarship certificates, and private scholarships to American Bridge For the purpose of the study in America, for having to endure the trouble of traveling to America and it was not a burden morally and materially actually been surpassed in the experience of California Atahmn College during the Arabization of elite courses at the advanced certification levels of America, the preparation of experts from America programs, preparation of advisers programs of America, Masters Specialized Programs of America, Master of Business Administration MBA, Doctor of Business Administration DBA and presented to the students of the sons of the Arab world using the finest methodologies applicable in the United States in the fields of open learning, e-learning, the study of belonging, self-learning, distance learning , parallel education, continuing education, study Online in many fields of knowledge such as business management, management accounting, financial management, project management, total quality, engineering management, health management, administrative sciences, trade and economics, political science, international relations and diplomacy, public administration, global marketing, organizing exhibitions and conferences, investment and exchanges, leadership and management, human resources, marketing and advertising, sales management, negotiation management, insurance and risk management, nutrition and diets, safety and security, tourism business management , educational administration, public relations, management information systems, international trade, the press and the media, psychology, psychological counseling adoption of the full from the Department of the legal dependence in the United States and the Department of International Accreditation in the US State Department and the representative of the Prime Minister and all the embassies of countries Foreign in the US capital Washington. It is also California International College facilitate access to high-end professional groups in the Arab countries on the Fellowship Alammerakihalmmermoukh certificates in US Altdhmn American Board for Professionals in many most memorable professional disciplines in the contemporary world such as the CMA certification, PMP certification, CFM certificate, CFA certificate, CFC certificate, Certificate CPE, HSE certificate, CIA testimony, CPM certificate, full adoption of the legal department in the government rely Alammerakiho international accreditation department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alammerakiho representative of Her Majesty the Queen of Great America in government Alammerakihomn all foreign embassies in the capital Alammerakihamrica. And I've been to California College international honor of cooperation from several United Nations bodies UN and private UNDP United Nations UNDP and UNESCO UNESCO in the United Nations body through the provision of the Arab Academy of Higher Alammerakihlltalim program of international teacher approved Certified International Teacher provided by the UNESCO body in the United Nations United in cooperation with the British Board PRO for the adoption of teachers and education experts in training institutes and secondary schools and Arab universities to get an internationally recognized teacher certification CIT from the UNESCO body of the United Nations and the British Board PRO and so free of charge within the community development program carried out by the Faculty California Atahvi the Arab world. And it has made California Atahmn College through its collaboration with a group of universities and higher education institutions in the United States and English language school in Washington developed a set of English language that is offered free of charge completely through the site California International College to facilitate the process of English language study on Arab students education programs and especially those who are preparing for exams learn international English exam such as IELTS, IELTS test year, and TOEFL iBT exam, the TOEFL test, and who wish to obtain international certificates and certified at the same time to demonstrate their level of knowledge in English. And contribute to California International College all efforts available and constructive initiatives aimed at any possible development in the educational infrastructure in the Arab world, especially in the fields of technical training, educational technologies, distance education, vocational training, technical education, technical education, distance learning, vocational education , Masters parallel, Masters of belonging, Masters after all, professional doctorate, using all the scientific research and academic teaching methodologies adopted in the United States by providing Altdhmn many partial scholarships in most scientific disciplines most in demand in the global labor market statistics by offers of jobs and programs Employment in the prestigious US Altdho especially in the fields of public administration, insurance, management science, corporate management, public administration, executive management, accounting planning, assessment of accounting, cost accounting, internal audit, corporate accounting, accounting analysis, investment and finance accounting, financial analysis , investment, finance, bank management, financial consulting, small business, risk projects, the quality of projects, project costs, quality strategies, overall quality engineering, comprehensive quality control, quality management, engineering design, engineering projects, health services, hospital management, medical management , health care, and that moral initiative of the Board of Directors of the California Faculty Atahalmamn permanent duty in the promotion and support of enlightenment efforts and renaissance in the Arab world from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf, in the hope held out to contribute to stop the brain drain and the Arab energies to alienation countries, especially in the context of programs Immigration to Canada or migrating to Australia or New Zealand to immigration or residency programs in the United States in its entirety, which aims to revitalize the economies of those countries on the basis of excellence displayed by asylum-migration to those countries and is what constitutes a serious threat to the economies of developing countries and of including the Arab countries. California Atahbaltenseeq College also contribute with the ambassadors of California Atahvi College to establish extensive training programs and Links courses and workshops specialized are offered completely free of the most needy Arab countries of scientific development and education in a number of applied fields essential to the renaissance of those most in need of development efforts of Arab societies and especially in the areas of general psychology, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, social psychology, behavioral psychology, child psychology, child care, psychoanalysis, child mental health, educational administration, human resources management, human development, leadership, Employment, staff management, marketing, publicity and promotion, strategic planning, advertising and promotion, customer care, conflict management, crisis management, conflict management, negotiation skills, conflict resolution, dietetics, diets, fitness, health nutrition, and other Elite disciplinary process quality in America. It is also California Atahabjahod College tireless in the field of Arabization of Applied Science and the theory and humanitarian and facilitate the submission Arab researchers process the most convenient ways and is completely free through encyclopedias California International College, which contains more than 250,000 articles and search Arabic and English languages, such as the Encyclopedia of Management Business, Encyclopedia of Management Accounting, Financial Management Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of project management, total quality Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Engineering Management, Department of Health Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Administrative Sciences, Encyclopedia of Psychology, Human Resources Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Marketing and Advertising, Sales Management Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia negotiating management , nutrition and diets Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Safety and Security, Encyclopedia tourist business administration, educational administration Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of public relations, management information systems Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of International Trade, Press and Media Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia insurance. And in the field of legal studies and human rights the California International College established a non-profit research center in Washington, DC, specializing mainly the protection of intellectual property