Décio Imóveis - 43 anos no Litoral Norte - SP

Décio Imóveis – Real estate agency The firm is located in the center of São Sebastião city, Brazil. It’s one of the most efficient Real estate agencies located in the city. This prominence position was conquered during the 33 years of experience in Real estate market with seriousness, credibility and profissionalism in its sale services, location services and in movable administration business. Our founder: Décio M. Galvão He’s 65 years old, was born in Santos, Brazil on June the 1th, 1942. He´s married and work as a realtor established in São Sebastião for 33 years (Creci 7322). Public Services a) He worked in “Cia Docas de Santos” from 1962 to 1966, where he worked directly with ships; b) He worked at Petrobrás oil company, from 1966 to 1985, working as an oil operator, leading with different nationalities ships at “Terminal maritimo Almirante Barroso (Tebar)”; c) He was also the leader of “Sindicato dos Petroleiros”, the oil syndicate, from 1977 to 1979. At this period the also exercized the office of town councillor of São Sebastião city; d) He was the first manager of the port terminal of São Sebastião by Dersa Admnistration from July the 7th, 1989 to December 19th, 1990. Social Activites a) He’s member of “Soamar” - Sociedade Amigos da Marinha ´´ in São Sebastião since June 11th, 1980, up to now; b) He’s member of “Adesc” - Associação dos Diplomados da Escola Superior de Guerra” since October 29th, 1980 up to now; c) He’s a member of Rotary Club in São Sebastião. The firm “Decio Imóveis – Real State Agency” is prepared to give total support when you want to buy, sell, rent or administrate your properties, with total tranquility of being dealing with total confidence, respect for your landed properties and your privacy.