Buxom Envy

We hate hearing about the embarrassing, humiliating, and degrading experiences our beautiful customers have had to endure. What these women have conveyed to us personally over the years is inexcusable. Buxom Envy's mission is to make women feel comfortable supported and valued. We aim to be like the customers we represent, fun, beautiful, bold, strong, stylish, graceful, irreverent, sassy, and sexy. We don’t believe that anyone fits into a little box or a category. We can be all things at different times and all things at once (the great paradox). We will do this with great customer service, promote ideas that support our valued patrons and endeavor to find the products that make our customers feel like they are being listened to and not just treated like a commodity. With over 160 different cup sizes enjoy lingerie shopping like you've never experienced before. BE offers fittings BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in a beautiful boutique. Our online boutique will be live March 2017