Power Focus by Brainpower Nootropics

Brainpower Nootropics® brings you PowerFocus®. The UK’s #1 Nootropic Supplement for Focus, Memory and Concentration. Winner of Best New Supplement Award 2016 PowerFocus comes with no jitters or added caffeine, just pure, clear accurate thought and recall. We provide more active ingredient and, in the exactly quantities your brain needs. Does it really work? Yes it does and we can prove that! More than 50% of our business comes from repeat customers. We can provide many scientific peer reviewed studies that prove the effectiveness of our ingredients. They have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine and the key compounds continue to be extracted for use by the pharmaceutical industry and medical professionals today. Don't take our word for it, check out all our review from satisfied customers! What is in Power Focus®? Is it safe? Our potent, all-natural, Gluten Free brain boosting formulation is made in the UK to GMP standards. Powered by a whopping 2956MG of effective, scientifically researched PLANTS, HERBS AND AMINO ACIDS. These special brain boosting ingredients have been blended and balanced to achieve maximum Synergy and are combined to the highest GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) standards. Ingredients Mg Per Dose 5-HTP (Griffionia Simplifica) 80 Alpha GPC Choline 70 Ashwagandha Extract 60 Bacopa Monnieri 300 Choline Bitatrate 140 Choline Phosphatidyl 120 Citrus Aurantium 250 Ginko Biloba leaf Extract 200 Ginseng 320 Green Coffee Extract 200 Green Tea Extract 200 Guarana Extract 480 L-Theanine 120 L-Tyrosine 50 Magnesium Citrate 106.66 Niacin 15 Vit B6 1.22 Vit. B12 Pure 0.4 Vit. B5 7.76 Zinc 31.94 Why should I choose PowerFocus when there are many other Nootropics on the market? Here at Brainpower Nootropics we don’t believe in doing things by halves, which means we’ve procured the PUREST INGREDIENTS, and packed them in the HIGHEST QUANTITY AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET, you might find cheaper alternatives BUT YOU WILL RECEIVE HALF THE DOSE, WHICH IS NOT ENOUGH TO BE EFFECTIVE and IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR MONEY. Don’t take our word for it, Google “effective dose” of each ingredient and see for yourself! Many budget Nootropics either cut down dosage, use a lower standard of ingredient or use fewer ingredients which reduces effectiveness. We say, you deserve only “ONLY THE BEST”. Our aim is to provide you with the best nootropic effect on the market, regardless of our costs of manufacture we minimise our profit margins to provide a truly outstanding product. (Fun fact. Did you know.. Vitamin B12 is more expensive than gold by weight!) How do I take it, and what are the effects? The bottle of 60 pills is enough for 30 servings, a one-month supply, because of our generous doses, many people see great results from just one capsule, so for some people a bottle can last up to two months, this is largely governed by body mass. • Enhanced memory and information retention • Increased alertness and concentration levels • Boosted energy levels and improved mood These improvements may be noticed even after the first dose, although it will usually take a few days to build up in the body to full strength. Some products may tell you that they have secret ingredients, or a ‘proprietary formula’. This is usually a way of evading scrutiny over low levels of active ingredients they use for marketing purposes. Here at Brainpower Nootropics™ we believe in TRANSPARANCY. Every single ingredient in PowerFocus™ is listed with the exact dosage in milligrams, letting you know exactly how much you are ingesting and proving without a doubt, just how strong our supplement is. Who should take Power-Focus®? Power Focus is used by ENTREPRENEURS, DOCTORS, ATHLETES, DIRECTORS, STUDENTS, THE ELDERLY and others, who all have one thing in common. They want to attain optimal levels of brain health and function to assist in ACHIEVING GREATER THINGS IN THEIR CAREER, BUSINESS and PERSONAL LIFE! Still not convinced? Our Money back Guarantee Here at Brainpower Nootropics® we understand that everyone has different biochemistry, and the ingredients will take longer to work on some people vs others. HOWEVER, we are so sure of the effectiveness, that we offer an industry standard, no hassle, 30 day money back guarantee. If you feel that our product hasn’t helped you after 30 days, please contact us so we can facilitate a refund.