Both Ends Of The Lead - Specialising In Older Dogs And Dogs With Arthritis

As a devoted dog owner and renowned canine rehabilitation practitioner, Tim Norris works with both dogs and their owners, sharing his approach to health, wellbeing and happiness – at ‘both ends of the lead’. At Both Ends of the Lead, we help older dogs and dogs with Arthritis live a longer, healthier and happier life. FOR DOGS Areas Tim can help: CANINE MUSCLE FUNCTION THERAPY/BOWEN THERAPY We all know how much our dogs enjoy being touched and petted as a form of affection and communication between ourselves and them. With Canine Massage and Bowen Therapy, Tim uses refined palpatory skills and a range of techniques to help relax tired muscles and relieve pain. This assists to increase circulation to injured or inflamed muscles and assists in restoring optimal movement, quality and flexibility. Massage can help: Reduce pain and muscle tension Improve muscular and joint mobility Slow down the ageing process and reduce the effects of arthritis Improve movement quality, leading to enhanced performance levels for agility and show dogs Improve digestion Enhance the elimination of toxins Improve the assimilation of nutrients AND Help your dog live a longer, happier life! REHABILITATION EXERCISE THERAPY An exercise therapy program consisting of stretches, mobilisation techniques and strengthening exercises can be tailored to your dog if appropriate. LASER THERAPY AND LASER ACUPUNCTURE Laser Acupuncture is a way of treating traditional acupuncture points with a laser beam instead of a needle. By treating in this way, dogs also benefit from the wide range of positive effects that low level laser therapy brings about. This type of treatment significantly increases the range of conditions that can benefit from this approach. Laser therapy can be particularly beneficial for unhealthy cells within the muscle tissue, meaning it can help reduce pain levels, enhance the repair of damaged ligaments and the healing of wounds. Low level laser therapy can also be an effective tool for pre and post operative conditions. ONNETSU HEAT THERAPY Onnetsu heat therapy is a remarkable unique form of heat treatment from Japan, which has been proven to be very effective in degeneration conditions such as Arthritis. An important factor in maintaining good health is that our inner body temperature remains between 36.5-37 degrees. Any cells or tissues that are unhealthy or injured can become deprived of body heat. Therefore, they can become colder in that area. Often areas of illness and injury are colder than other parts of the body. Onnetsu heat therapy is applied to the cold or injured area to increase the inner body temperature and stimulate the diseased/injured cells to help the area recover health. Onnetsu heat therapy can help promote immune system function and balance the nervous system, as well as promote the flow of blood and lymph which can help lead to optimal health levels. Tim has achieved some sigificant positive outcomes using this form of treatment in a range of spinal and hip related issues. See Testimonials to read more about the benefits of Onnetsu heat therapy. Tim will happily tailor the most effective approach for your dog, and can combine different strategies and treatments to help your much loved pet achieve optimum health and wellbeing. QUALIFICATIONS Tim is a qualified Canine Myofunctional Therapist with a Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy (UK), a Small Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner, and a Member of the Small Animal & Equine Naturopathic Association. ONLINE 'LOVE MY DOG' PROGRAM The only online program of its kind which will show you 7 key strategies to help YOU help YOUR dog live a longer, healthier, happier life. These are proven strategies that I am using with my clients right now with life-changing results. I will show you STEP BY STEP through a series of practical video demonstrations exactly what to do. I’ve helped hundreds of young and older dogs achieve a better quality of life, and lost count of how many owners have said they wish they did this sooner for their dogs. And the great thing is that I can now help you no matter where you are. Because the program is online, there are no geographic limits as it can be accessed anywhere there is internet access. COACHING SERVICES Mimi Fong helps high achieving women who struggle with balancing a successful career, relationships and family to learn the life-long tools and skills that they need to go from surviving to thriving in all areas of their life. She is a Master Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. She draws from her extensive training, and corporate and life experience, to provide professional coaching services to high achieving women who are committed and driven to not only meet challenges in their life head on, but to fully embrace them and turn them into an opportunity for self-discovery and growth. In other words, to go FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING! Is this you? * You’re constantly tired. And it’s impacting on how you are around your loved ones including your furry family members. * You feel pulled in a zillion different directions at once and there’s never enough time in the day. * You are feeling stressed and out of control which also has begun to affect your relationship with your loved ones and your dog. * You are starting to fall sick more often and it seems to take longer to recover. * You wake up most mornings already stressed and wound up, with your mind racing over the seemingly endless list of tasks that need to be completed NOW. In fact, you’re having trouble sleeping at nights because you have so much going on in your head. * You are constantly fire-fighting. * You can’t remember the last time you had any precious time on your own. * You want to be there for everyone but it’s never enough. * Every day feels like Groundhog Day. If any of this rings a bell, is a glimpse into your life, resonates with you, or makes a degree of sense,, then we would encourage you to speak to Mimi. For more information on Mimi's coaching services, please visit and ONLINE SHOP Offering fantastic products including online stretching videos for both dogs and owners - For further information, please visit