At Boshel®, we’re passionate about other people’s pets. As pet parents ourselves, we’ve always been well versed in the grooming requirements of the nation’s cats and dogs. But, shortly after the addition of another furry family member to our brood, we recognized that product manufacturers were falling short when it came to offering high quality, intuitive pet grooming solutions. That’s when we decided to harness our love for all things four-legged and offer something to help all pet owners – no matter where they lived or how old they or their pets were – and we continue to provide that tender loving care. Our USP is simple. We take traditional pet grooming products – nail clippers, brushes and combs – and some not-so-conventional items – dog toothbrush, anyone? – and redesign them, making upkeep ergonomically simple for the owner and reassuringly comfortable for the pet. When you purchase one of our well-designed items, you’re not just receiving the product – you’re also benefiting from our extended knowledge of the pet market and ensuring that beautification is no longer a chore! We don’t just see ourselves as pet product manufacturers; we’re part of a wider family of caring pet owners. It is thought that over 80 million households in the United States own a cat or dog, so that’s one big group of people who share our beliefs! This goes some way toward explaining Boshel’s customer service principles: we treat our clients like family members because, in many ways, that’s exactly what they are!