Since Lisa first entered the fitness industry in 1998, she has expanded to become one of Australia's most recognised and respected health and wellness professionals The BODYFIT team understands that Personal Fitness and Nutrition Success is like a jigsaw puzzle … because all pieces need to fit together perfectly. Bodyfit coaches are more then personal trainers - We are success coaches in MIND FITNESS, FOOD FITNESS AND BODY FITNESS. We teach, empower and motivate individuals to transform their minds and their bodies. BODYFIT has uniquely designed method and style that has been developed around experiences as a lifelong athlete, training in body building, as well as a physical trainer. BODYFIT has compiled knowledge about the keys to success with your health thru observation from training professional athletes and those who aspire to live a healthy lifestyle. Transitioning from the weight room to the the business world wasn’t hard when it was realized that if you can train your body in excellence, you can also train your mind in excellence. Therefore, BODYFIT has concentrated on improving the mind which in turn has helped improve bodies. BODYFIT'S structured process will help anyone achieve their goals . BODYFIT welcomes you and is eager to, help motivate you to, “ build, and flex, your mind toward success.” If you're determined to get what you want out of life, and willing to do whatever it takes, then we’re here to help. Imagine how your life would be next year, next month or even as soon as next week, if you started living every day to its fullest now, today!! "If You Want More Out Of Life… We'll Do Whatever It Takes To Make Sure You Get It! Even If You Don't Know What You Want - We'll Help You Work It Out, And Hold Your Hand Until You Achieve It…" At BODYFIT It's all about YOU and what YOU need to do to ensure you are Successful. We train and coach real people, with real jobs, real relationships, real challenges. There's no hype about getting THE BODY OF YOUR DREAMS quickly AND suddenly having a perfect Ken and Barbie BODY. Our clients want to change, to improve one or more areas of their lives, and mostly are looking for the right support, environment and process for them and someone who will help them work out how to do it. BODYFIT is a Registered training and coaching Organisation committed to helping clients achieve outstanding Personal, and Health Success through a structured process, Education, Empowerment, Inspiration and a supportive environment.