Bliss Wine Club

In 2013 we sold our belongings, moved out of our apartment, and spent 9 months searching Europe for our first portfolio of wines. Today we're just as dedicated to finding and importing the world’s best undiscovered wines. Every wine we evaluate involves an in-depth exploration of the place, people and processes that make the wine what it is. All of our winemakers use natural, organic vineyard treatments and minimalist winery practices. The pay off is more than just sustainable agriculture and a healthier environment. It also produces better tasting wine! Do you know what chemicals and additives are in the wine you drink? We only buy wine that is fairly priced to begin with. Our prices reflect the real cost of the wine plus the cost of transportation from origin to the United States and a small markup for us. That means you get a fabulous price on unique, pure and memorable wines. We taste thousands of wines before we make our selections. The ones that stand out are tasted again and again. The process continues until we've narrowed our selections to the few that embody the best taste, quality and value. Our wines come from winemakers driven to produce the most pure wine, which means they can only produce small quantities. Small producers get ignored by most wine importers who need to sell large quantities to make a profit. This means they've gone undiscovered in the United States, until now.