Betty Means Business

Hi there! I’m Kate, a business coach, consultant, blogger and... I believe in possibility. In being yourself. In roller derby. In Japanese food. In life lessons. In 80s movies involving dancing and/or prom nights. In Chazz Michael Michaels quotes. In un-complicating success. And in being all in. And you should know up front: When it comes to business, I really (really!) believe in valuing your expertise and growing your worth. YOUR SELF-WORTH. YOUR NET-WORTH. Way back in the day I started my business because I was looking for freedom. To do things my way. To set my own schedule. To have the flexible yeah-I’m-heading-to-yoga-in-the-middle-of-the-day lifestyle I wanted. To close out each day pulsing with gratitude and feeling like I’d made a difference. And to be in control of how much money I made. But man did I screw things up when I first started. Back then I thought I had to act seriously to be taken seriously. I thought being in business meant being exhausted and in constant overwhelm. I thought I had to keep my prices low to be competitive and win clients. And I thought that to make more money I’d have to work even harder than I already was – but I was already working nights and weekends and I just couldn’t see how it was physically gonna happen. Somehow the real freedom I was after felt totally out of reach. And then… a major health challenge forced me to completely change the way I did business. After a whole lot of research, testing and experimenting (boy was that a journey!) I learned how to turn it all around. I’m not perfect by any stretch, but these days I experience my business in an entirely different way. My biz and my lifestyle complement each other. My business supports and sustains me instead of sucks me dry. These days, even though I’m seriously into my work, I honour the profane, smart ass-y, crystal-totting parts of me too. And I'm righteously committed to this truth: YOU CAN BE TOO. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** You can check out my blog, Betty Means Business, here: Also: grab your free done-for-you scripts to explain what you do, ask for referrals, and ask for glowing testimonials, like a PRO --> Check out what these lovely peeps are saying about my done-for-you scripts: "A bloody awesome help… Your script just helped my message to POP." - Ros L. "I think I'm in love… thanks for the inspiration rocket up the butt!" - Emily V. "Your scripts were a light bulb moment… a VERY welcome practical usable tool!" - Lucinda C. "I have already used your 'ask for a testimonial' script, and got a rockin' response." - Elle N. "I LOVED this ebook! This is honestly the first time I've received a free ebook and actually put the containing info into place in my biz immediately - you just made it so effortless! Your referral script is GOLD! I'm hooked!" - Melissa C. Want in now? Here's the link for you again -->