Ben Ong

Today Ben Ong is a leading authority on the prostate, a 15-year veteran of the war on prostate disease and a best-selling author on the subject. He speaks truth to power and advocates for real, safe and effective treatment options for men. He has a huge community of followers and every single day he writes to them to keep them current on all the latest research and news. Patients, medical professionals and customers routinely rely on him to break down research, properly interpret it and place it in current scientific content. Every day, his clinical nutrition team spends a lot of time examining the latest studies. Ben never really found time to retire. Now aged 75, all his kids have grown up and begun living their own lives. He did, however, find time to slow down and spend some peaceful quality time with his wife, Nikki. Nowadays Ben and Nikki spend most of the year in England but also enjoy visiting the Tuscan countryside in Italy, enjoying the good Mediterranean food, sunshine and rolling hills.