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Kelly Winder is the creator of, and is based in Melbourne, Australia. In 2002, Kelly started out with nothing but sheer determination, and a mission: to provide support and information for new mothers. Today, BellyBelly reaches an audience of millions. In fact, 6-7 million pages of the BellyBelly website are read every single month. BellyBelly always has been, and always will be, a fiercely independent publisher of pregnancy, birth, parenting and health information. BellyBelly's Philosophies At the core of BellyBelly's beliefs and philosophies lies informed decision-making and gentle and connected pregnancy, birth and parenting choices. BellyBelly believes that the pregnancy, birth and parenting journey is highly transformative, therefore women and their partners should be fully supported to have the best experience possible. How a woman experiences her pregnancy and birth has a profound impact on who she becomes and how she feels as a mother. Confident and nurtured… or not good enough and isolated – even broken. With one in three babies in Australia (and the US) being born surgically by caesarean section, there appears to be an epidemic of fear of birth, fear of pain, and the belief that women's bodies have failed them. This belief of failure can then flow into breastfeeding and other parenting issues, trampling a woman's confidence and self-esteem. Partners may desperately want to help, but often don't know how, nor are they equipped to support such deep rooted issues. This can result in huge pressure on the relationship, making things even worse. It's a sobering statistic that the leading cause of maternal death in Australia is suicide, which is similarly echoed around the world. It’s truly frightening. We need to provide much more support to mothers and mothers-to-be, as well as their partners. We need to end the stories and beliefs that it’s not a big deal; that mothers will be fine and cope somehow, just as many mothers before them have… because many are not coping. Society has drastically changed, so has how women feel about themselves as mothers and lovers. As the saying goes, ‘peace on earth begins with peace at birth'. A gentle entry into the world for our babies and a gentle introduction to motherhood for our mothers would change the planet. This is the (big!) BellyBelly difference. We care not for fluffy, celebrity gossip and the latest fad parenting tips. BellyBelly is about good science and information, unconditional support, love, nurturing and connection.