Belle Bar

First things first. The most important thing to know about us is.. How can we be all-natural with no preservatives? We use organic, dehydrated ingredients, so we can keep our beauty cocktails all-natural and preservative free! NO WATER, NO PRESERVATIVES. The dehydrating process not only removes water, it concentrates nutrients & vitamins. For example one tablespoon of coconut water powder is equivalent to drinking all of the coconut water contained in a average size young coconut. Your body gets to reap all of those benefits topically. The reason we wanted to create a preservative free line is for health reasons. Our skin is our body's largest organ & up to 70% of what we put on our skin ends up in our blood stream. We wanted to create a beauty product that not only helped you look your best, but that was also good for you. BELLE BAR is located in New York City. Our ingredients are flown in from all over the world but our beauty cocktails are mixed right here in Brooklyn, New York. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let's introduce ourselves. We are a family run business. A mother & her two daughters to be exact. ANNETTE, TIANNA & SOLANGE BELL. We have always had a obsession with our skin & hair. Since birth our mom has taught us to soak, scrub, oil & deep condition. Traditions passed down from her mom. While battling our many beauty ailments we were always looking for that holy grail product. The product that would fix everything and make our dreams come true. (We never found that product lol). While searching for that elusive product we realized that our skin & hair really responded to ingredients found in nature. All of our skin and hair types are really different so DIY'ING all natural recipes with fresh ingredients really worked for us because we could then customize a beauty product that addressed our specific beauty ailments. THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH DIY'ING OUR OWN PRODUCTS WAS THAT IT WAS TIME CONSUMING, MESSY & SOMETIMES VERY COSTLY TO CREATE ON OUR OWN. That was when we were hit with inspiration. What if there was a beauty line that was completely all-natural, where you can customize ingredients to suit your individual needs? THAT'S HOW BELLE BAR WAS BORN. IT IS THE EASIEST SOLUTION TO DIY YOUR OWN ALL-NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS. IT'S YOUR BODY & YOUR HEALTH, SO IT SHOULD BE YOUR WAY. *WE ARE NOT SCIENTISTS OR DOCTORS, NOR DO WE MAKE ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS REGARDING OUR PRODUCTS. OUR PRODUCTS ARE TESTED ON US AND OUR OTHER "PRODUCT JUNKIE" FRIENDS & FAMILY. OUR GOAL IS TO PASS ALONG THE BEAUTY BENEFITS PROVIDED TO US BY NATURE.