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Horse training, ranch life, family and good people, living on an Australian stage… Belarabon Station. My name is Jarrod Joe Hughes and I live on this land with my four daughters and wife. We train horses and live the ranch life. We like to think we live our life just like we train our horses; together. The videos on this channel tell a story of training from the heart and working with these animals in a way that naturally allows them to learn what it is we expect. While simultaneously respecting the relationship that man and horse have had for centuries. Perhaps in a new way for many viewers, and hopefully a not so new way for many others… We like to think we take things back to basics, sort of the ‘all natural horsemanship’ before it got popular and mainstreamed. We just do what we know. And hope for the best. Cowboys come and go but the land lasts forever… Belarabon Station has her own story as well. And perhaps it’ll set the stage for these videos for you… and let you in on a funny story about Asprin… Belarabon was cut out of a 1-million-acre property, where 100,000 sheep called their home. That million-acre property was named Paddington and owned then by a guy named McPherson. McPherson was a visionary of his time and purchased his own water drilling plant and employed 980 Chinese for clearing the country of scrub. The overseer of this plant at the time, Bill Houghton, a returned soldier, took up the Belarabon section in 1943 and began building a house on the present Belarabon site. The Houghtons were very good stock people and installed an intelligent, primary infrastructure. Belarabon station was later taken over by Bill Houghton’s son, Dick, a talented tennis player. He rated in the top for Australia at the time, but Dick was an equally talented stockman. He later sold the Belarabon property to the Baillieu family. That same family brought the Quarter Horse King Ranch and the Santa Gertrudis (a particular breed of cattle for you less than ranch-like folk), to Australia. They flourished on the Belarabon land… The Baillieu family later sold Belarabon to the Nicholls family, the patent holders of Asprin. No joke – can you believe that? Asprin. Today, Belarabon is owned by us the Hughes family, that being us; me and my family. This land has over 180 years of Australian farming in it’s roots… and we’re treating it no differently. I have been asked many times about the names of paddocks and their origins. If you ask nicely, I’ll tell you the story of how they each got their name… just ask in our Facebook group here, or just come say hello. We won’t bite: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1459273777670142 Watch more videos here: http://bit.ly/JoeHughes