Lucky Louie's

At Lucky Louie's Beer & Wieners we have 32 different weenies and nearly 300 different bottled beers. We operate in a tiny space across from Presque Isle Downs and Casino, so hopefully you aren't claustrophobic! For those freaked out by lack of space, we have an outdoor patio, unfortunately we are unable to predict/control Dreary Erie's weather! Dogs are welcome on the patio as long as they are well behaved and leashed! Have kids? We make a hotdog that is cut into the shape of an octopus and sits on a bed of potato chips with whatever toppings the little buggers want! Parents note: kids are cool as long as they are looked after and gone by 9pm. Any unsupervised children will be given a Red Bull and a puppy. As far as the beer goes, you can drink a few in house or you can build your own 6 pack to-go at a discounted price. The entire selection is open to mix and match which is waaayyyyyy cooler than anyone else around here has to offer. The beer isn't cheap, we hate to admit. We have a place called the Beverage Shop next door that sells all of the same beer we have, but in cases. It would be unethical to undercut our neighbors. We don't believe in the Walmart business model! If you are in the mood for something off-the-wall, come see us. We will happily make your day just a little bit weirder!