Bec Sadek

I became a certified health coach and started my business dedicated to helping others find their healthy(-ish) back in 2009. A year into my health coaching business I was introduced to network marketing and I knew that it was the perfect compliment to my health coaching business. I went from a struggling health coach to earning 6 figures in 15 months. This led me to my next passion in life which is being a mentor to other health, fitness and network marketing professionals who are ready to explode their businesses. I have successfully built a tribe of other health and fitness professionals/enthusiasts in my network marketing business and LOVE to help others do the same. A little about my Wellness/Life Philosophy: I am a big fan of balance. There is nothing better than a smoothie for breakfast and a good glass of red wine (or 2) after dinner. Avocados always taste better with tequila and I love a lazy day at home as much as a day full of exercise and adventure. Let me help you take the perfection out of healthy living. Go on and put a little tequila in that green smoothie. No judgement here.