BeanStalk Hairloss & Hair Growth

BeanStalk Hair Growth Products was started in 2012 by Master Cosmetologist Monique Deering and her hair enthusiast business partner. After working with women with hair loss or stunted hair growth issues, for 3yrs, the idea of creating a product emerged. Through 2010-2012 we researched product ingredients, women's needs and the actual resources available. In Sept 2012 with the help of a European based company we launched BeanStalk Hair Growth Serum. We tested the product on female clients with hair loss due to stress, female Cancer Survivors, women with Alopecia and clients diagnosed by their Dermatologist with chronic hair loss. All of these women were able to regrow their hair. Some still sought hair replacement surgery, but areas of hair loss that were the size of a quarter, or larger, were reduced to the size of a thumbtack. Now we are ready to roll out our hair growth vitamins and we expect to see the same results. We have done the research and we look forward to blasting out the youtube videos with the testimonials. With products like these women are not keen to tell their story and we respect that, but those that are brave enough we look forward to sharing your hair growth stories so other women can be helped. If you are in the Atlanta area be sure to look out for the BeanStalk TV Commercial coming soon. Women there is finally a real solution and men if you are thinning BeanStalk will work well for you too!