BBQ Dragon

“This BBQ Dragon, I'm telling you, it's going to every tailgate with me. You're going to want this item – BBQ Dragon.” - Jeff (Doc) Dockeray – Tailgate Media Network “In competition I want that heat and I want it fast. BBQ Dragon - love it.” - Steve Adams, Three-time Canadian barbecue champion. What is the BBQ Dragon? The BBQ Dragon is a fire-starting tool so simple and yet revolutionary that it is literally changing the entire barbecue industry. It reduces the start time of charcoal grills to less than ten minutes and supercharges the starting of all kinds of other fires. -- It works by blowing large amounts of low-velocity, cool air at the fire. The BBQ Dragon's sophisticated, high-tech design is the perfect compliment to any grill or outdoor kitchen. It's battery-powered, hands-free, micro-USB rechargeable, and looks fantastic. It works on anything: charcoal grills, fire pits, fireplaces, wood stoves, smokers - even campfires. Never before has there been a product that so substantially improves America's most popular past time: barbecue. BBQ Dragon Supercharges Your Grill How is it changing the barbecue industry? When we released this product at the 2013 Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Industry Exposition in Orlando in March, we had hundreds of excited offers from retailers and distributors who wanted to supply this product to their customers. Why? Because everyone agrees that charcoal cooks better; it's hotter, imparts better flavor to food, and is more ecologically sustainable than gas. But, up until now, it's been less convenient. The main reason people cooked with propane? It was easier. But now the BBQ Dragon makes charcoal easier, and faster, and that changes everything. Now, instead of waiting 45 minutes your grill will be ready in 10 minutes, it will be hotter than a gas grill, and the food will taste better. Who wouldn't use charcoal now? It so fast and easy to use that you can enjoy charcoal cooking everyday. That's the BBQ Dragon revolution. Now there's no reason to use gas. What people are saying: “Great product! Everyone who has a…wood fired oven should start it with a BBQ Dragon, without question. Painless. Painless lighting process.” Bill – Chicago Brick Oven “Incredible! Stick it on anything, recharge it – pretty cool little device. I'm going to have on in my home.” Dave – Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture “The BBQ Dragon is working...very, very good! We like it.” John Henry – John Henry's Food Products How does it work? The BBQ Dragon works by providing a large amount of oxygen to a fire. The reason people wave paper plates at fires, and blow on them, is to provide extra oxygen to speed it up. The BBQ Dragon does this for you. Just clip the Dragon on the side of your grill, aim it at the fire and turn it on. You'll see the coals immediately begin glowing and burning much more intensely. And since it's hands-free, you don't need to stand around the hot fire until it's ready for cooking. The BBQ Dragon has a variable speed controller, so you can adopt air volume perfectly to any situation: High volumes of air for a bonfire or outdoor fire pit, medium levels for fireplaces and wood stoves, and low levels for smokers and smaller fires. Lights fire pits, fireplaces, and campfires The BBQ Dragon is battery powered so you can take it anywhere and never have to fuss with extension cords or plugs. The AA batteries are both rechargeable, using a standard micro-USB charger which you probably already have, or replaceable, in case you forget to charge it and need to start a fire Micro-USB recharging The micro-USB port will allow us to make future versions of the BBQ Dragon user-programmable. What will you be able program? Maybe you want to set a timer so the Dragon beeps after 10 minutes, or maybe you want to program it to always start at full volume and then gradually reduce its speed as your fire starts. We think that there are many exciting things you will be able to program the Dragon to do and can't wait to find out how you program yours. Crazy power and heat for your grill Where can I use it? You can use the BBQ Dragon anywhere you want to light a fire. It clips to any type of charcoal grill, but that's just the beginning. Ceramic cookers like the Big Green Egg, or the Primo Grill are some of the most popular new ways to grill, and the BBQ Dragon works perfectly with them. Clip the Dragon on leg of your ceramic smoker, aim it up the vent, and in minutes have the grill hot enough to cook pizza. Clips to anything How about tailgating? You don't have much time to get the coals going and plugs are scarce – this is the perfect place to use your BBQ Dragon. Same goes for RV-ing. Bonfire at the beach, or a campfire in the woods? The BBQ Dragon sits on the ground and aims at the fire with the adjustable neck. It attaches to any type of the smoker, and totally transforms the smoking experience, providing you with unheard-of control over the temperature of your smoker. Coals dying down? Temperature dropping? Just dial up the speed of the BBQ Dragon and your smoker heats up instantly. BBQ Dragon fires up pizza ovens Provides amazing heat control on any smoker Fireplaces and wood stoves are suddenly easy to light, using the BBQ Dragon. Fire pits roar to life - no more constantly stuffing them with newspaper,spraying them with toxic lighter fluid or using chemical starters. This changes everything for people who enjoy fires and outdoor cooking. Design meets Function with a Bang Our Design Criteria 1. It must be hands-free. Who wants to stand around a hot fire holding a hairdryer, waiting for the coals to light? 2. It must be battery powered. No extension cords, wires, or hand-cranking. Has to be easy to use at the beach, camping, RVing, and other places where plugs are scarce. 3. It must look great. The product's visual design aesthetic was of utmost importance to us. We knew its performance would be revolutionary and its design had to be too. It had to be stylish and sophisticated to compliment fancy grills and outdoor kitchens, but since it was a tool, the design had to be rugged and durable. We wanted to raise the design quality far above your typical grill fork and spatula. 4. Batteries must be rechargeable and replaceable. It must be rechargeable so you are not constantly throwing away expensive batteries, but if you forget to recharge and need to start a fire, you can just throw in a new set of batteries. 5. It needs to be able to operate for several hours on a single charge and light multiple fires. 6. It should be weatherproof. This tool will sit out by a grill and be exposed to weather. 7. It has to attach to anything and stay cool. This was a big challenge, since there are so many types of charcoal grills, not to mention fireplaces, wood stoves, smokers, and fire pits. But we succeeding in creating a novel clip that not only attaches to all these devices, but also keeps the handle away from the fire - cool and safe. 8.It should be durable, well made, and have the feel of a quality tool that people would be proud to use and show their friends. The Story You probably know the story, because you've done it yourself – fanned the grill with a paper plate, gotten down on your knees and blown on the grill to try to speed it up. Squirted extra lighter fluid on an already-lit fire - how dangerous is that? And it still takes too long to get those coals going. This is what we were doing when we came up with the idea for the BBQ Dragon. Sitting out in the back yard, in the drizzling cold rain, holding a hairdryer with an extension cord to try to speed up the coals - and we thought: There has got to be a better way. It turned out to be easier said than done. Three years later, after twenty prototypes, hundreds of motor, fan, and battery combinations, and dozens of design variations, we finally arrived at the BBQ Dragon you see here: A beautiful combination of mechanical and electronic innovation and visual design excellence that changes the industry it was born into. After using this product, you won't want to start a fire any other way. It's that powerful and life-changing. Rewards What have we done so far? The BBQ Dragon works great! After three years of full-time development, we have a patent pending in the USA, and have filed for protection all over the world. We've also hired a manufacturer and paid for all the tooling, which has been built, and used to produce prototypes. We then refined, tested, refined again, and are now ready for full scale production. We have been to our factory to inspect the parts and tools, and to work out final details about how to mass produce BBQ Dragons. We met the owners of the factories and saw the supply chain first hand. We are ready to manufacture as soon as we meet our funding goals. The prototypes you see here were actually manufactured from this tooling, and we have rigorously tested these samples, because we want to produce a product that lasts a lifetime - a quality tool that's as tough as your grill. We have also designed packaging and engaged manufacturers for that packaging, as well as organized our shipping and fulfillment companies. We have tested the market viability, both online and in front of real consumers, and were overwhelmed by the response. Almost everyone who saw the BBQ Dragon wanted to buy one! The market loved our product. We want you to know that your help is truly appreciated In exchange for your donations, we want you to be the first to have a BBQ Dragon in your hands and on your grill. Production Schedule Our tooling is completed and our factories are ready to start producing BBQ Dragons the moment we are funded. We plan on being able to have the first Dragons ready for shipping by early summer. The most beautiful revolution in barbecue Why We Need Your Help In order to manufacture the BBQ Dragon at a price that is affordable to the millions of Americans who barbecue and grill, we need to place a large order with our manufacturer.. This is a sophisticated and expensive product, with metal tooling, plastic injection-molded parts, motors and fans, advanced printed circuit boards, and expensive batteries, and it's only affordable to consumers by being produced in large numbers. We've gone the extra mile getting things ready for production , and now we need your to help fund that first order. We'll order as many BBQ Dragons as we can with your support. We know that literally millions of people can use this product, and we want to be able to meet that demand as quickly as possible. Our Team George and Bruce Prior We're brothers - Bruce and George Prior - and we're experts in mechanical and electronic innovation and invention. Bruce is a mechanical engineer, George spent two decades building and operating ROVs and UAVs, but most importantly we're grilling and barbecuing fanatics. We love the time spent grilling steaks for family barbecues, we love the challenge of smoking the perfect brisket or ribs, and we truly believe that this invention, the BBQ Dragon, will help bring the great tradition of barbecuing to millions of families around the world. Our branding and web design expert, Bentley DeVilling, joined us after creating the successful music website, and also cooks an excellent steak, if you like them rare. "Great product! Everyone who has a brick oven or a wood-fired oven should start it with the BBQ Dragon, no question. Painless lighting process." Bill Paschen - Chicago Brick Oven