Baltic Essentials

Here is some info on teething and more, I hope this answers what you need, if not, please let me know!! Which necklace is best for teething, colic, fever, reflux? For just teething, I say pick the one you love, because they all work great! We used a polished multi, solely because I loved the look of it!! And it worked for us. We now have several Raw vs Polished Raw is just an unpolished, untouched bead vs the polished is hand polished with a machine to buff. Research says that raw is maximum effective. We did not notice a difference for our daughter. Reflux or Colic If there is a reflux or colic concern, the lighter are more apt to work for that issue: milk, butter, lemon, honey. Milk & butter are the most expensive. They are more rare and harder to find, so they cost more. What are the variations? There are two shapes; baroque (round) and nugget that we sell. The nuggets are more in abundance so they are less expensive. How do I buy? or you can message me and let me know which you would like along with your email address and country and I can invoice you here! Thanks you for your business!