Baby Manager

Simple and intuitive. Baby manager will help you keep your head above the water with your little precious! Parenting made easier! Features - Log your sweetheart's feeds and breastfeeds, sleep sessions, diaper changes and growth - The summary of last events communicates your baby's needs at a glance - Friendly charts help you understand your child better and gain insights into their trends - Reports show you what growth percentile your child is in - Pause and resume feeds and breastfeeds, and sleeps - Add events retroactively into the log - Get access to all features in this free app - Write notes for feeds, breastfeeds, sleeps, diaper changes and growth - Manage as many babies as you need, for free Social - Share your precious one's log and progress with your partner. Your devices will always be instantly synchronized, for free - Get your partner involved more using this app - Share charts with your friends on Facebook, email and more - More upcoming features!