Bertrand Ngampa

Yo! four square! Look at this smart nigga, he probably got his clothes from wal-mart. You one black nigga. You not even a true nigga, you white my nigga! You still a virgin huh? That was my daily affirmation from my classmates growing up. They hated me because they wanted to be me. I understood that people that are hurting pick on weak people like me that just take it. Those words cut so deep to my soul I hated myself, my skin, and I hated being black. Did I mention the ones speaking those amazing words to me were my fellow black people. Yes, they looked just like, except not as handsome, smart, and or any where close to me. But at the time I didn't understand that. When my brother and I started to go to school he became my defender and I my voice was shadowed by his protection. As he left to college I learned to find my voice but didn't establish my voice till later in life. As I spoke for myself I learned that I was different than everybody else and I couldn't follow what everyone else followed. I was bound to my own path. The start of my transformation came in my almost final year of college. I was kicked out of college due to my persistence of trying to fit in where I only fitted out. That was my real glimpse of failure and stating over. I fell into depression, anger, suicidal thoughts, and blamed everyone but myself. I had to take actions for my responsibility and not handling those deep root issues within me. The minute I made the decision to go to the military I found a new passion and outlook for life. The military put values, bears, and confidence within me. Those items allowed me to grow and be molded into the Coach I am today. My biggest jump came from Army Airborne School where I had to defeat my fear of heights and overcome the mind games I played on myself. The 1st jump I ever did from a perfectly safe aircraft was crazy, amazing, dynamic, and just a rush of positive and negative emotions. However, I didn't let my mind and fear stop me. Most of all God and I spoke 2000ft in the aircraft. I asked God to help me and God said I got you just go to church when you go back home. Deal? Deal! I learned life was short, don't let fear hold you back, and God is always there. Every time I have been faced with a situation in life God has guided me. He put the right people in place, but I had always executed. No one else did it for me! I had to execute to get those Results I must have. I Am A Result Taker! Are you?