Authentic Audra & Meaningful Manuscripts

I am passionate about helping career women achieve authentic excellence and live a life where they can truly thrive. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, to a mother who suffers with mental illness, and I lived in a household that was extremely unstable. As a result, I found myself homeless at the age of fifteen, a single mother at seventeen, and quickly heading down a dark path, but through prayer and the belief that I deserved more, I persevered, graduated college, earned my MBA, and have been able to live my best life. Today, I am not only married to an amazingly wonderful man, but we have six adult children and four beautiful grandchildren. As a senior level administrator for a Fortune 500 company, bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and your Principle Partner in Authentic Freedom, I help professional women sync who they are with who they are meant to be. I am the CFO of UPFAM Enterprises, LLC, where my husband, Tony Upchurch, is the CEO. We operate Xpress Mail & Business Services located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. At Xpress, we provide residents and local businesses custom printing, shipping, and private mailbox services. My husband and I are also the CIO and CEO, respectively, of The UPFAM Group, LLC, an organization that captures our philanthropic, mentorship, and community-based activities. I give my heart, time, and treasure to support programs that help women, families, and youth who are struggling with mental health issues and homelessness, including the Hampton Roads affiliate of Stand Up For Kids. I believe that life is all about choices, and I thank you for choosing to be free to thrive!