Alas Tilam Kalis Air Aula Shield

Aula Shield promotes an easy way to protect your mattress. If you have children with bedwetting problem or incontinence problem or just looking for a better way to keep your bedding clean and dry. We would like to tell you that we understand your problem and now we have a better solution for it. Aula Shield provides ranges of waterproof and machine washable bedding product. Our bedsheet/underpad/pillowcase protector comes with waterproof and breathable layer. The breathable layer has cooling effect where it allows heat and moisture passing through the layer but prevent the liquid leakage. You can wash our product just like a normal bedsheet after use and conveniently keep your mattress dry. Our main product is made of 100% cotton and micro PU(Polyurethane) – waterproof layer. We also have other fabric, design and style for your choice. Come and visit us at for more information.